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2-day Workshop on Stress Management by IMS Ghaziabad

As a continuous endeavor for stronger Corporate linkage, IMS Ghaziabad in association with Continental Carbon India Limited organized the 2 Days Workshop on April 23rd 2015 on “Stress Management & Spiritual Enlightenment – The Rising Way”. The 2 day workshop was focused on managing stress at workplace and also helped participants to release negative emotions out of their body and mind. The Inaugural Ceremony was witnessed the benign presence of Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director – IMS Ghaziabad; Mr. VK Dubey, MD, Continental Carbon; Mr. Vinay Gupta – Executive Director, GMA; Mr. Mukul Gupta – CEO, Shimuk Enterprises.

The participants (inclusive of employees of Continental Carbon & other member companies of Ghaziabad Management Association) experienced practical comprehensions of the Mudras that can put Stress & Stress Causing Agents at bay. There were more than 23 Mudras learnt by the participants to fight with the day-to-day stress & tensions. The participants took initiatives and participated in all the ice breaking & warm-up exercises, energizers and kinesthetic activities, yoga’s, meditative and breathing exercises.

The chief convener, Ms. Guneet Oberoi, Sr. Manager – Corporate Trainings extended vote of thanks and expressed gratitude to the resource speakers of the workshop Mr. VK Bansal & the Brahma Kumaries from the Meditation & Re-treat Centre, Manesar, Gurgaon, along with organization’s delegates of GMA, Continental Carbon & IMS Ghaziabad.


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