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IMS Ghaziabad Organized Workshop on “Case Study Analysis & Group Discussion”

IMS Ghaziabad Organized Workshop on “Case Study Analysis & Group Discussion”

In order to develop the critical thinking and analytical acumen of students, IMS Ghaziabad organized a workshop on “Case Study Analysis & Group Discussion” for PGDM Batch 2022-24 on July 29, 2022. In her Inaugural Address, Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director, IMS Ghaziabad, highlighted the significance of mastering the case study method for management professionals. Using multiple hypothetical problem scenarios, she deftly explained to the students the fundamental difference between a problem and the symptom of a problem and also the three step process of case study analysis. Inspiring the young minds, she emphasized that “Management Professionals must inculcate critical thinking, problem solving & decision making skills and an analytical bent of mind”. She motivated the budding managers to inculcate the art of exploring and extrapolating corporate problems from news articles and readings.

The workshop spanned across different functional domains with insights provided by Dr. Vaishali Agarwal (Marketing), Dr. Amit Bhati (Finance) and Dr. Parul Yadav (Human Resource). Different techniques of analysing case studies such as 5W1H Framework, Root Cause Analysis and many more were discussed with the learners. Additionally, the learners were made aware of the different types of Group Discussions, appropriate body language, various themes and other relevant aspects.

Compered by Yashika Saini & Devansh Chaubey, the engaging and interactive session enabled the students to understand the numerous dimensions of Case Study Analysis & Group Discussions and develop a passion to confidently play the game.

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