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Life at IMS Ghaziabad 

Life at IMS Ghaziabad 

I joined IMS Ghaziabad on 27th June, 2022. We are the blessed once to get an induction programme of whole 1 week from 27th June -2nd July. We learnt to “jump into the well” and got clear understanding about “opportunities and challenges for budding managers” from CEO’s, directors, Co founders, Heads, etc of different organisations. We had Management Development programme on marketing and different workshops like Microsoft excel Certification course on advance excel etc. IMS also have various clubs and societies that are typically run by students. IMS is having PGP committee, CR, markwiz club, finacle club, saksham club, aayam club, aarohan club, data analytics club, the pioneers club, smart club and many more.

A journey within

The journey of a PGDM is also a journey within. We stay on campus, away from our comfort zones, spending limited time with our families and friends from the life before we came to IMS. We work hard day in and day out, trying to out-perform the next person on the block. In the midst of all this, we do end up learning a lot more about ourselves and our priorities. As IMS attract people from diverse backgrounds, students also learn a lot about other cultures, stories which inspire and broaden our horizon and in the process we develop the skill to connect and interact with different people, a skill which is much needed in a global workforce of today. Getting into and out of a b-school can be a life-transforming experience for many students as we go through so many vivid experiences that reshape our thoughts about the world around us. In that sense, the journey is an enlightening one.

In the journey of 2 months here we visited factory of coca cola situated in greater noida which was the first industrial visit of us in IMS and we came to know about all the history of coca cola and the production, packaging and distribution process of coca cola.

Now I would like to narrate all the achievements I achieved in IMS. I am the PGP member (campus influencer) of my college, CR of my section and member of smart team and for all these achievement I would like to thank my Director ma’am Dr. Urvashi Makkar for trusting on my capabilities and believing on my abilities.

Sanyal Kashyap

PGDM Batch 22-24

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