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Life at IMS Ghaziabad

When we talk about our college life- for a student, college life is the beginning of adulthood. In our college life, along with academics, we indulge ourselves in recreational activities, it doesn’t only include lectures , assignments, presentations, exams, etc but there is a flash of all the memories, friends, events and many more. This is what our college is. Starting out life as a hobby or a collective effort made by the faculties and shaping our thoughts into actions we have started a journey and yes, there is no going back. College life is the golden period of life because it makes one more potent, profound and independent. When we talk about college fest / events, we all know college fest and events play a very significant role in shaping a student in various fields to get students involved into various activities. The day starts with a very enthusiastic spirit where the faculties give us the lectures of their respective classes.

Every week there are sessions conducted by IMS Ghaziabad where motivational speakers, CEO’s of MNC and the top businessmen of India motivates us and share their journey and helps us to get more ideas and knowledge about the respective topic. We have covered some workshops in the last month like corporate etiquettes, ethical entrepreneurship, how to ace an Interview, dining etiquette, leadership and team building. These were some of the topics where we came to know how to enter an organisation by aching the interview with a proper introduction , what basic etiquettes are important in an organisation, what values we should show to our colleagues while working and to maintain leadership quality while working in a team by maintaining teamwork. These measures have changed the students in a very effective way. Also our college, besides the regular classroom teaching, took us to an industrial visit at Coca Cola factory where we came to know about the production process and how it became a big brand overall the world.

Now when we come to our faculties again, they conduct various classroom activities like GD’s where we learn how to put our thoughts to the members of the group, and at last to come to one conclusion and hence these activities will lead us to become a better employee in the corporate sector. Also some of the most fun memories of college are “college canteen”. The canteen is supposed to be where most of the students satisfy their hunger and hang out with their peers. This is where we share our thoughts over food.

Aditi Suman
PGDM Batch 2022-24

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