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Colorful “Holi Milan Celebrations” at IMS Ghaziabad

Colorful “Holi Milan Celebrations” at IMS Ghaziabad

Joyously celebrating the festival of colors with full fervor and gusto, the faculty and staff team of IMS Ghaziabad enthusiastically organized “Holi Milan Celebrations” on campus on March 7, 2023. Addressing the team on the auspicious occasion, Dr. Radhika Malhotra, Officiating In Charge, Director Office, IMS Ghaziabad conveyed her warm wishes to one and all and inspired everyone to put in collective efforts towards new beginnings, hopes and dreams for the institute.

Immersed in the festive spirit, the faculty & staff members smeared ‘gulal’ on each other. The spirit of camaraderie was strengthened over refreshments in which everyone enjoyed lighter moments while relishing the traditional delicacies. The zestful event, compered by Dr. Gaurav Saxena and coordinated by Dr. Sushant Kumar Vishnoi and the cultural team rejuvenated the spirits of one and all for together embarking on a successful journey ahead.

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