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Mata ki Chowki @ IMS Ghaziabad

September 26, 2017 Leave a comment


On the eve of festive “NAVRATRAS”, IMS Ghaziabad, under the patronage of Prof. J.P.Sharma, Director, organized a grand “MATA KI CHOWKI’ in its premise. During the Bhajan Sandhya, members of IMS Society- Mr. Sanjay Agarwal (Chairman), Dr. Pramod Aggarwal ( Management Trustee, IMS Ghaziabad), Mr. Sudhir Shukla ( Joint Secretary) besides guest invitees, Faculty members, staff and students of PGDM & MCA were present. The three hours programme was marked by renowned Bollywood singer, Ms. Kavita Paudwal , who offered Bhajans to Maa Durga. The Bhandara for all devotees was also arranged.

Melange – 17, An Inter Institute Annual Cultural Fest at Ims Ghaziabad

Melange – 17, An Inter Institute Annual Cultural Fest at Ims Ghaziabad

Celebration of Constitution Day 2016 at IMS Ghaziabad

November 30, 2016 Leave a comment

126th Birth Day Celebration of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar at IMS Ghaziabad “Celebration of Constitution Day 2016” To commemorate of 126th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Rao Ambedkar, founder of Indian Constitution, IMS Ghaziabad organized Constitution Day, under the kind patronage of Prof. J.P Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, on November 26, 2016. Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi has taken this initiative to celebrate the Constitution Day every year in order to reiterate the contributions of Dr. B R Ambedkar in nation building as a whole and development & creation of our constitution. Prof. J.P Sharma, Director, IMS Ghaziabad in his inaugural address eulogized the contribution of Babasaheb in Indian democracy. He further highlighted the essence of the Preamble of our Constitution. PGDM Ist Year students too deliberated on the topics, sections and articles of our constitution. IMS Ghaziabad showed solidarity to our Constitution, by conducting “Oath Ceremony” for all its faculty & staff along with PGDM Students. Dr. Anchal Mishra, Area Chairperson, PPSP, offered “Oath” to all. Mr. Karan Sabharwal, Assistant Professor, expressed “Vote of Thanks”, to all the dignitaries, faculty & staff members of the Institute. All Faculty, Staff members & Students enthusiastically participated in the event.

IMS Ghaziabad celebrated DIWALI

October 29, 2016 Leave a comment

The auspicious festival of lights started with a wish that the glow of joy, prosperity and happiness illuminates the year ahead and many more years to come in lives of all the family members of IMS fraternity.

Havan was organized in the academic block on October 28, 2016 where Prof. J.P. Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, Dr. Tapan k Nayak, Chairperson PGDM, Dr. Avadhesh kumar Gupta, Head MCA along with all the Faculty & Staff Members offered prayers to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. The environment enthralled with the hymns and prayers to enlighten one and all present with knowledge, wealth & health and pray communally for Institute’s Growth and Prosperity.

Faculty and Staff members were endowed with Diwali Gifts and wishes for endless joy, health and harmony. Diwali Puja concluded with a delicious gala lunch. Prof. Sharma wished the entire faculty and staff members to enjoy the festival with their near and dear ones, rejuvenate their energies and start afresh with lot of zeal and enthusiasm after Diwali Holidays.

IMS Ghaziabad wishes you all a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali

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IMS Ghaziabad organized Mata Ki Chowki

October 15, 2016 Leave a comment

IMS Ghaziabad organized Mata Ki Chowki To seek the blessings of Maa Durga, IMS Hostel residents, organized auspicious ‘Mata ki Chowki’ on Saturday, October 08, 2016 under the kind patronage of Prof J.P. Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad. Maa Durga is the embodiment of the divine energy and the creative power. In Vedic Mantras, the Mother is the Prime God. Mother is the biggest and the most effective teacher of their children who can mould their future. All the faculty, staff, students sought blessings of Maa Durga along with Shri Rakesh Chharia, General Secretary, IMS Society, Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director IMSUC, Dr Tapan Kumar Nayak, Chairperson – PGDM, , Dr. Avadhesh Kumar Gupta, Head MCA, Dr Pooja Dwivedi, Dean IMSUC, Mr. Rajnish Jain, Area Chairperson – Boys Hostel, Ms. Khushboo Sherwani – Member, Girls Hostel, Mr. Komal Budhraja, Chairperson – Admissions, Mr. S.P. Singh, Registrar among others. The people were captivated in the ultimate atmosphere of Bhakti. The vicinity echoed with the loud voices of the praises of Goddess Durga after which all the devotees were served with ‘prasad’ followed by the gala dinner.


Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan at IMS Ghaziabad

September 12, 2016 Leave a comment

IMS Ghaziabad organized “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” on September 9, 2016 under the kind patronage of Prof J.P Sharma, esteemed Director of Institute. Prof Sharma, on this momentous occasion, highlighted the importance of “Clean and Sanitize India” being initiated in the country and exhorted young IMSians to propagate such values countrywide.

IMS Ghaziabad showed solidarity to our Prime Minister’s “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”, by conducting “Oath” for all its faculty & staff along with PGDM & MCA Students. Dr. Anchal Mishra, Area Chairperson PPSP, offered “Oath” to all and later on cleanliness drive was initiated outside the IMS campus. Everybody whole heartedly participated in the event.


Special Seminar on “Make in India: Concepts, Processes & Challenges”

August 27, 2016 Leave a comment

Special Seminar on
“Make in India: Concepts, Processes & Challenges”, by
Guest of Honour- Dr. J.C.Sharma (IES) &
Former Economic Advisor to Ministry of New & Renewable Energy

The “Special Seminar Series” is being initiated under the stewardship of Director IMS, Prof. J. P. Sharma, with the sole objective of encouraging “Quality Discourse” in the campus by inviting “Academic Exponents” of our country.

Prof.J.P.Sharma, in his inaugural address, referred to “Make in India” as a ‘brainchild’ of present Prime Minister of India. In his opinion, the present Government has undertaken a laudable initiative in the country. The sole objective was to encourage manufacturing in the country by attracting FDI and upgrading quality of jobs. Prof. Sharma also eulogized Dr. J.C.Sharma, as a key Government official, who was also instrumental in the implementation of several key policies in the country.

In his “Seminal Lecture”, Dr. J.C.Sharma (IES), praised “Make in India” as a dream project of the current Government with the basic objective of transforming the current business environment in the country. He also elaborated “Make in India” and “Made in India”. In his view, ‘Made in India’ has to play a vital role in the success of “Make in India”. While tracing the historical evolution of the Indian businessmen, Dadabhai Naoroji, Justice Ranade, Jamshedji Tata were some known Indians who had made significant contributions towards manufacturing sector in the country. However, in the Post-Independence period, the main focus was on ‘Public Sector’ and to save FOREX. In fact, the “Import Substitution” gave philip to “Made in India” that time. Later on, in 1960s & &’70s, focus was shifted to social welfare. The country faced an acute “Balance of Payment (BOP)” crisis in late 80’s, and India subsequently looked towards IMF for bailing out from the crisis. IMF forced India to undertake “Structural Reforms”, which ultimately led to “Economic Reforms” in the country. The Three D’s- Dis-investment, De-regulation & De-licensed, subsequently changed the business environment of the country in years ahead. India switched from ‘Agrarian Economy’ to “Services Sector”. However, Dr. Sharma also categorically stated that ‘no country can prosper without giving boost to manufacturing sector’.

He also drew attention on the fact that though China is a manufacturing giant in the Asian region, its dependency ratio is 44 percent whereas; in case of India it is just 31 percent. Today, China also feeling the pinch of rising wage rates which will ultimately lead to low share of employment in manufacturing sector. The Central Government announced“Zero Defect Zero Effect” in 2014, which had exclusive focus on manufacturing so that acceptability of our products should increase in the world. He also recalled initiatives taken by PM Modi at Vigyan Bhavan, where representatives from 30 countries were also present. The focus was on creating trust building between ‘Industry leaders’ and the Government. ‘Digital India’ was also one such initiative. Another focus was on ‘Skill Upgradation’. 25 sectors were identified where FDI was required to give boost. The PMO also initiated “PRAGATI” ( ie Pro-Active Governance and Timely Action), in order to timely monitor the monthly progress report. He lamented, it took 1420 days in India to enforce a contract whereas, in case of OECD, less than 200 days are required. Finally, he also talked about the“Impact Assessment”. The whole initiative of “Make in India” has changed the perception of the rest of the world. Dr. J.C.Sharma coined “Make in India” as an “Umbrella Programme”. In his view, all programmes converged to “Make in India”. Development of 26 “Smart Cities”, “ATAL Mission”, Developing 5 ‘Industrial Corridors’ and 45 ‘Industrial Clusters’, were part of such massive programme. The session was followed by ‘Question & Answer Session’

At last, the Chairperson of “Special Seminar Series”- Dr. S.K. Dube, expressed “Vote of Thanks”, on behalf of IMSFraternity, to the Director IMS- Prof. J.P.Sharma, ‘Guest of Honour’- Dr.J.C.Sharma, Programme Chairperson-Dr.Tapan Kumar Nayak; HOD-MCA, Dr.Avadhesh Gupta, and to the fellow colleagues from PGDM & MCA. He also thanked the PGDM I Year students for raising issues during “Question Answer Session” and also showing utmost discipline in the auditorium.

IMS Ghaziabad – Exemplary Academic Initiatives Enriching the Intellectual Capital

August 13, 2016 Leave a comment

We are pleased to share that IMS Ghaziabad, under the dynamic and visionary stewardship of Prof. J.P Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, has undertaken several exemplary academic initiatives.

“Enriching the Intellectual Capital” of the institute is one of the initiatives undertaken to strengthen and enhance the Quality of Academic Delivery. Faculty plays a pivotal role in an Institution Success story. Experts from Industry and Academia have been wisely chosen at IMS Ghaziabad by the Academic Selection Board.

IMS Ghaziabad is pleased to welcome Dr. Ajay Pandit, a renowned Professor, from Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi as part of its family.


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