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IMS Ghaziabad organized Hyderabad Chapter Alumni Meet

December 22, 2016 Leave a comment

IMS Ghaziabad organized its first ever Hyderabad Chapter Alumni Meet on December 16, 2016 at Aditya Park – A Sarovar Portico Hotel, Ameerpet, Hyderabad Following the vision laid by our Director, Prof. J.P Sharma, IMS Ghaziabad Alumni Committee plans to engage alumni in several activities throughout the year & connect with the growing alumni base. The chapter body plans to have numerous meets in various cities which would include batch meets, informal interactions etc. to foster the alumni connect. Hyderabad Chapter Meet was our small step to connect the Alumnus working there. With your support, we plan to conduct many more such successful events in the near future.

Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth

December 14, 2016 Leave a comment

IMS Ghaziabad partnered with Business World for International Mega Film Festival – SIFFCY 2016 (Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth) held at Sirifort Auditorium Complex, New Delhi, December 5-11, 2016. IMSGhaziabad is pleased to be the Education partner for Week long Biggest Celebration of Good Cinema, SIFFCY-2016, organized by Smile Foundation, to raise awareness of Good World Cinema among Children and Youth. Film academy of Germany, UK, Denmark, Brazil & more participated in this Mega Event besides renowned Film Directors & Critics – Mr. Jahnu Barua, Mr. Tigmanshu Dhulia, Mr. Nagesh Kuknoor & others. The event showcased feature films to short films, Animation to Students’ films, Workshops to Live forums and was attended by almost 15000 + Students / Youth where 100+ Films were screened from 25+ Countries. PGDM Students of IMS Ghaziabad participated whole heartedly in this social event; interacted with celebrities from across the Globe & learnt about diverse culture & customs of different countries.




Celebration of Constitution Day 2016 at IMS Ghaziabad

November 30, 2016 Leave a comment

126th Birth Day Celebration of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar at IMS Ghaziabad “Celebration of Constitution Day 2016” To commemorate of 126th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Rao Ambedkar, founder of Indian Constitution, IMS Ghaziabad organized Constitution Day, under the kind patronage of Prof. J.P Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, on November 26, 2016. Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi has taken this initiative to celebrate the Constitution Day every year in order to reiterate the contributions of Dr. B R Ambedkar in nation building as a whole and development & creation of our constitution. Prof. J.P Sharma, Director, IMS Ghaziabad in his inaugural address eulogized the contribution of Babasaheb in Indian democracy. He further highlighted the essence of the Preamble of our Constitution. PGDM Ist Year students too deliberated on the topics, sections and articles of our constitution. IMS Ghaziabad showed solidarity to our Constitution, by conducting “Oath Ceremony” for all its faculty & staff along with PGDM Students. Dr. Anchal Mishra, Area Chairperson, PPSP, offered “Oath” to all. Mr. Karan Sabharwal, Assistant Professor, expressed “Vote of Thanks”, to all the dignitaries, faculty & staff members of the Institute. All Faculty, Staff members & Students enthusiastically participated in the event.

Special Seminar on “Faithology: Science of Faith”, Expert Speaker- “Preacher Pitambar Krishna Das” ISKCON on Nov 7, 2016

November 10, 2016 Leave a comment

Special Seminar on “Faithology: Science of Faith”, Expert Speaker- “Preacher Pitambar Krishna Das”, International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), New Delhi, on November 7, 2016

The “Special Seminar Series” is being initiated under the stewardship of Director IMS, Prof. J. P. Sharma, with the sole objective of encouraging “Holistic Development” in the campus by inviting “Academic Luminaries” from all over the globe.

Hon’ble Preacher Pitambar Krishna Das (ISKCON), New Delhi, a technocrat turned spiritualist, in his “Seminal Lecture, invoked ‘Mangalacharan’ before delivering his speech. He cited references from world renowned Astrophysicist, Stefan Hawkins’s book, “The Brief History Time”, to answer the question, “Why we and the universe exist?”. Preacher Pitambar Das took several issues related to spirituality, faith, atheist etc. In his view, Science deals with facts and religion with faith”. He said, even study of Science is faith. Science refines the truth but doesn’t give absolute truth. He asked, “Are Vedas Mythology?”. He further quoted a western study that as “Spiritual Quotient (SQ)” and faithfulness increases, life gets longer than the in case of non-spiritual one. Finally, he quoted Max Planck, for his views –“in case of religion, God is at the beginning and for Science, God is at the end”.

Finally, the Chairperson of “Special Seminar Series”- Dr. S.K. Dube, expressed “Vote of Thanks”, to Prof. J.P.Sharma , Guest Speaker, “ Pitambar Krishna Das, fellow colleagues, Staff, IT and the Administration for extending support.

Special Lecture on Good Governance

November 5, 2016 Leave a comment

“Special Lecture on Good Governance” & Observance of Vigilance Awareness 2016 On November 4, 2016 Expert Speaker- Prof. C.L.Bansal Senior Professor (Law & Governance) IMS Ghaziabad

The ongoing “Special Seminar Series”, was initiated by the ‘visionary and learned Director of IMS, Prof. J. P. Sharma. It focuses on issues of contemporary relevance. The prime objective of today’s “Special Seminar” was to highlight the “Good Governance” and also “Observance of Vigilance Awareness 2016” as propagated by Central Vigilance Commission, Govt. of India.

Dr. Anchal Mishra, Chairperson-PPSP, welcomed the distinguished guests on the dais- Prof. J.P.Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, Prof. C.L.Bansal, Sr. Prof (Law & Governance), Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak, Chairperson- PGDM, Dr. Avadhesh Kumar Gupta- HOD MCA, & Dr. S.K.Dube,Chairperson- Special Seminar Series, and off the dais- faculty members from PGDM & MCA and young IMSians.

In his inaugural address, Prof. J.P. Sharma, who himself is a worldwide acknowledged authority on “Governance”, highlighted the need for “Good Governance”. He also exhorted the need for “Good Governance” in educational institutions. While elaborating further, he quoted two theories, which are accepted world wide- one, Agency Theory, where an institution is governed by the Trustees; and secondly, Stakeholder Theory, which says an organization should be governed by the stakeholders. The Agency theory has already lost its sheen in the developed countries. He further clarified that the institutions belonged to no one and the differentiation among the institutions should be done on the basis of “Governance” and “Good Governance”. The basic tenets of “Good Governance” are: one-commitment to values, second, ethical conduct and third, exercise of power.

After the inaugural address, everybody present in the auditorium took a pledge, for imbibing humane values and being vigilant towards fighting corruption, as suggested by the Central Vigilance Commission, Govt. of India.

In his “Seminal Lecture” on Good Governance’, Prof.C.L.Bansal, a Senior Professor and an authority on Law & Governance, emphasized on ‘self governance’, values and value systems. He opined that ‘Companies’ were earlier known as ‘Fellowship of Merchant Adventurers’. ‘Corporation’ or ‘Company’ was creation of a State. Governments wanted two things from the Corporations: one, creation of wealth and second, jobs creation. He also discussed about shareholders- Promoters Share holders and ordinary shareholders, while there are three categories of Directors – Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors and Nominees. Board of Directors are expected to control money of shareholders, whereas, expectations of share holders are- capital growth and revenue growth. Prof. Bansal further elaborated that to meet the “Expectation Gap” is “Corporate Governance”. In fact, the entire efforts are to reduce this “Expectation Gap”. He also cited “Co-Determination Act” of Germany, which empowered stakeholders. (ie Employees of a Company ) to take a decision for the benefit of employees. In his lucid style, Prof. Bansal also highlighted the basic guiding principles of a “Good Governance:- Accountability, Fearless, Trusteeship, Transparency, Empowerment and Responsibility. He also quoted “Price Water Cooper “, for highlighting the role of auditors. Prof. Bansal also elaborated ‘Board Architecture’, ‘Board Functioning’ and ‘separation of the position of Chairman and Managing Director’. The World Bank Report 2012 succinctly highlighted the misuse of CMD position in ‘Public Sectors’ in India. He stressed upon the need for Corporate Governance for widely held Corporate.

Mr. Karan Sabharwal, Asst. Prof., expressed “Vote of Thanks”, to all the dignitaries and faculty of PGDM & MCA. He also thanked Staff, IT and administration- for their support. He appreciated students of PGDM & MCA , for being patient listeners and observing discipline.

IMS Ghaziabad celebrated DIWALI

October 29, 2016 Leave a comment

The auspicious festival of lights started with a wish that the glow of joy, prosperity and happiness illuminates the year ahead and many more years to come in lives of all the family members of IMS fraternity.

Havan was organized in the academic block on October 28, 2016 where Prof. J.P. Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, Dr. Tapan k Nayak, Chairperson PGDM, Dr. Avadhesh kumar Gupta, Head MCA along with all the Faculty & Staff Members offered prayers to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. The environment enthralled with the hymns and prayers to enlighten one and all present with knowledge, wealth & health and pray communally for Institute’s Growth and Prosperity.

Faculty and Staff members were endowed with Diwali Gifts and wishes for endless joy, health and harmony. Diwali Puja concluded with a delicious gala lunch. Prof. Sharma wished the entire faculty and staff members to enjoy the festival with their near and dear ones, rejuvenate their energies and start afresh with lot of zeal and enthusiasm after Diwali Holidays.

Special Lecture-“How to Lead Powerful Life & Achieve Your Dreams”

October 5, 2016 Leave a comment

Special Lecture on “How to Lead Powerful Life & Achieve Your Dreams” by Dr. Anil Sethi on IMS Foundation Day, October 01, 2016 Under the stewardship of Prof. J. P. Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, and with the slogan “Believe in yourself and Dream for a better future”, a Special lecture was delivered by Dr. Anil Sethi, Founder- G. K. Group of Companies. Programme Chairperson – PGDM, Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak, welcomed Dr. Anil Sethi and Mrs. Prachi Bharadwaj, a renowned entrepreneur and fashion designer. Dr. Nayak, in his welcome address, encouraged the students to believe in themselves. The interactive seminar ensured 100% engagement and involvement of all the participants including PGDM & MCA students and faculty members. The workshop ensured that value-system is strengthened from its roots to the tips and made each one in the auditorium confront with their past deeds and misdeeds. The session ensured rolling in and swinging emotions, passions and sensations within each and every participant. To conclude the session, a trophy of “Star Performer” was awarded leaving everyone delighted, ecstatic and enthusiastic towards one’s life. It was a mesmerising half day session on how to live an empowered life with values and ethics in-tact; with great sense of gratitude and thankfulness towards all those who have brought up and acted as catalysts in our successful existence and survival. Towards the end of the session, vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. S K Dube, Coordinator-Special Lectures. He encapsulated all the learning through a Zen story on filling minds with new & up surging ideas and empowering thoughts. #IMSGhaziabad #IMS #Ghaziabad #Bschool #lecture #series #Powerful #life #dreams #Foundation #day

IMSians lauded for their Excellent Performance by Corporate!!!

September 30, 2016 Leave a comment

Congratulations Lavina, PGDM (2015-17) student, for wonderful performance during your Summer Internship.

We are proud of you!!!

We wish you success in your future endeavours !!!


Exemplary Academic Initiative – Renowned Professors from Top Notch Institutions join IMS Ghaziabad

September 20, 2016 Leave a comment

IMS Ghaziabad, NAAC ‘A’ Grade Accredited Institute, is committed to provide holistic development to its students. It endeavours to provide World class education and Industry Exposure to its students. Keeping up with its commitment, IMS Ghaziabad invited Stalwarts from academic and corporate fraternity to be part of its family.

We are pleased to share that renowned professor – Prof. Ajay Pandit, from FMS Delhi and Dr. C L Bansal, from MDI Gurgaon have joined IMS Ghaziabad as professors in PGDM Department.

We are continuously striving to make IMS Ghaziabad as one of the top institutions of India by employing the best blend of talent and technology.

Please Click here to view, Prof. Ajay Pandit, Profile: #

Please Click here to view, Dr. C L Bansal, Profile: #


“IMS Ghaziabad showcased on CNBC TV18 and CNN News18”

September 16, 2016 Leave a comment

“IMS Ghaziabad showcased on CNBC TV18 and CNN News18”

IMS Ghaziabad has been showcased on CNBC TV18 (India’s No.1 Business medium and the leader in business news) and CNN News18 (India’s most awarded English news channel) for its significant contributions of 26 years in achieving Academic excellence in India. Under the Kind patronage of Sh. Pramod Agarwal ji, Managing Trustee, IMS Ghaziabad and the dynamic leadership of Prof. J P Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, IMS has been consistently reinventing management education with the objective of creating global leaders who can navigate the ever-changing business landscape. This video exhibited the foresightedness of Institute, various achievements, internationally acclaimed pedagogy, Exposure towards Industry, Students & Alumni responses and other strengths of the institute.

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