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Success Story: From B-School to Boardroom

August 26, 2017 Leave a comment

Success Story: From B-School to Boardroom


Success Story: From B-School to Boardroom

Success Story: From B-School to Boardroom

IMS is tremendously proud of what our Alumni has been accomplishing since leaving campus, and how they have grown in all these years.

December 28, 2016 Leave a comment

IMS is tremendously proud of what our Alumni has been accomplishing since leaving campus, and how they have grown in all these years. As you all continue on your path, fulfilling your potential and acting as brand ambassadors of IMS Ghaziabad, we wish you all the best for your future endeavors.


Whats the difference between PGDM and MBA?

September 19, 2011 1 comment

What is the difference between PGDM and MBA or why should I choose PGDM over MBA? This question strikes most of the aspiring students of Management. Hence while choosing a B School we some time tend to overlook the benefits of PGDM. Making the right choice or to increase the awareness, Dr. A Kumar Director at IMS Ghaziabad speaks about why PGDM courses are superior over MBA –

What is the difference between PGDM & MBA?

A)     Listed are the differences

–          “MBA originated in United States in early, emerging from the late 19th century as US industrialized and companies sought out specific approaches to management. Since then it has come along way but some how in India (barring a few) MBA programs could not leave a mark.  The main reason for that is not being industry focused, adopting new pedagogies (case study pattern of teaching etc), enforcing the students to do live cases/projects in the industry and the change adoption rate is very slow (being a university system).  PGDM is a unique program which has its foundation on autonomy and is tailor made to meet the industry requirement, laying more stress on student’s practical development”

–          PGDM programs Granted by the institution are recognized by AICTE (All India council for Technical Education) Government of India through Ministry of HRD and MBA is university program, usually affiliated to technical university of the respective state

–          PGDM is industry specific keeping in view of future projections made by industry, MBA is are university run hence changes are difficult

–          for pursuing further studies like PhD, Association of Indian universities (AIU) and AICTE issues equivalence certificate for PGDM programs. More over Quality standards can be acquired by institutes like NAAC and NBA accreditations.

–          PGDM programs are offered to student through the CAT/MAT/GMAT entrance examination and MBA are offered through state level university Examination

Why should a student prefer PGDM over MBA?

PGDM is more relevant for students as it is focused on Industry needs. It has flexible modules which changes as per the industry requirement. MBA on the other hand is somewhat rigid and changes are not possible in short notice. PGDM provides flexibility in pedagogical systems, teaching-learning process, etc apart from being recognized by Govt. of India and world wide. Students can work in public/private sector units. Student learn and experience real case studies in their course as well as go for a live training in the industry. That is the reason why most of the Top notch institution of India (like IIMs, XLRI, IMT, MDI etc ) provides PGDM/PGPM programs rather than MBA

Why changes in the syllabus in PGDM easy?

PGDM is industry specific; hence the changes are imperative as Industry is dynamic. Policies and regulation by government changes the course of the business game. Hence a quick module change to suit the education is important for student to have view on new dimensions of the industry. With very few hierarchies, courses are quickly changed in PGDM courses, however for MBA a change in course need approval from a list of governing people and hence become tough for any amendments.

What is your word of caution for aspiring students?

Please take entrance examination like CAT/MAT/GMAT and while choosing a college make sure the college is AICTE recognized and PGDM courses offered are equivalent to MBA. Do not fall for the notion of MBA being a degree and PGDM as a diploma program, as both are equivalent if proper affiliations and approvals are there. At the end what you learn from the college matters and its application that helps you succeed. PGDM is an industry endorsed course and widely accepted not only in India but abroad as well.

At IMS, during the last 21 years of our existence, a lot of alumni have passed out and they are very well placed not only in private / public / Govt. sector and many of them are working abroad. Few have taken up entrepreneurship and are running their business successfully while some have gone for higher studies as well. So, a lot of opportunities exist for students after pursuing PGDM programs (with dual specialization) from IMS Ghaziabad.

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